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Ethiopia: We MUST Keep Our Eyes on the Prize!

(By almariam)

I am calling for a truce in the war of words among Ethiopian scholars, intellectuals and others over history, historicity and historicism. I am also calling for an end to the histrionics surrounding the war of words.

Truth be told, it is the people, not I, who are calling for a truce.

At a time when 100 million Ethiopians are facing a war of terror by the Thugtatroship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF), the people cannot bear to witness another internecine civil war of words among patriots on the same side of the Great Ethiopian Cause.

My reasons for calling a truce are many. I believe they are shared by a vast majority of Ethiopians aware of the clash of the Ethiopian intellectual titans:

1) I am personally embarrassed to see distinguished Ethiopian scholars locked in an endless cycle of attacks and counter-attacks trying to prove their version of the “truth” about Ethiopian history.

2) I am disheartened watching eminent Ethiopian scholars exerting enormous amounts of energy undercutting each other’s intellectual integrity and hyper-ventilating to prove their versions of the “truth” when they could devote their energies to oppose and struggle against the T-TPLF, which is committing unspeakable crimes against humanity in Ethiopia today.

3) I am disappointed and shocked by the acerbity of the vitriol the principals and their allies freely dispense in cyberspace.  All of the sarcasm, the insults, testiness, cynicism, spite, bitterness, irascibility, derisiveness, scorn, abrasiveness and backhanded praise makes even a hard-boiled lawyer cringe.

4) I believe continuation of the war of words is not only counterproductive but also MAD (it will end in mutually assured destruction).

5) I believe there is going be one and only winner in the current war of words on Ethiopian history: The T-TPLF. I want to see an end to the bloodletting, better yet, the word-letting for it could benefit only the T-TPLF and serve to entertain and amuse them at our expense.

6) I would like to see vigorous debates, arguments and discussions NOT on Ethiopia’s past, the old historic Ethiopia, but on Ethiopia’s future, the New Ethiopia that is destined to be built by its patriotic citizens as the shining city upon the hill.

7) Most importantly, I am calling a truce in the war of words so that we can ALL keep our eyes on the prize: The New Ethiopia that will rise up from the ashes of the T-TPLF.

Just for the record: I enjoy intellectual discussions and debates. I also readily admit that straddling two professions whose stock in trade is bickering, nit-picking, squabbling, carping and hair-splitting, I am the wrong person to complain about verbal combat and jousting.

I believe history is a lot like the law. Both historians and lawyers have their own agendas in telling the “truth”.  Historians generally present their “truths” based on “records” and “evidence” assembled by previous historians and others. They  argue the facts and evidence to convince the public that their version of the historical “truth” is credible, reasonable and trustworthy.

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