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The T-TPLF Spook Who Sat by the Jailhouse Door in Ethiopia (Part I)

Author’s Note: This is Part I of a two-part translation of an Amharic interview[1] with a former, now-exiled anonymous T-TPLF  “mole” (deep- cover intelligence operative) who was trained to infiltrate  prisons in Ethiopia to snitch on political prisoners, persuade them to falsely admit criminal wrongdoing and recruit younger prisoners to give false testimony in court against well-known imprisoned opposition leaders. In the interview, the T-TPLF mole spills the beans to Sadik Ahmed (BBN Radio) on the stockpile of T-TPLF dirty tricks used against political prisoners and military officers who are not part of the ethnic group of the T-TPLF leaders. The mole discussed how he was trained and equipped by T-TPLF intelligence bosses to snoop on political prisoners, extract information from them and do other intelligence and surveillance work on top non-T-TPLF ethnic group military officers.

The T-TPLF mole tells a chilling story of his game of deception as fake prisoner to 1) spy and report on the prison activities of particular political prisoners, 2) gain the confidence of political prisoners and extract information from them about their plans, activities and opinions, 3) recruit and organize a gang of younger prisoners to give false testimony against jailed political prisoners  by coaching them to make out perjured legal declarations claiming that they were trained and paid by opposition leaders and parties to commit crimes, and 4) convince jailed opposition leaders to publicly admit their own criminality and request pardon to be released.

The identity of the former T-TPLF mole is not disclosed in the interview.

The interview reveals the extraordinary lengths to which the T-TPLF will go to not only arrest, detain and torture its opposition but also the reprehensible psychological warfare it wages on innocent opposition leaders it has imprisoned. It is nothing short of diabolical for a regime to arrest innocent opposition leaders who have committed no crimes or were engaged in the peaceful exercise of their constitutional rights and subject them to psychological pressure to force them to falsely confess to heinous crimes they did not commit only to be magnanimously pardoned by the T-TPLF.  Such unimaginable wickedness can only be forged in the workshop of the truly degenerate Satanic mind.

The interview also offers a unique glimpse into the T-TPLF intelligence system and the vile techniques  used to neutralize and discredit promising military leaders who do not belong to the ethnic group of the T-TPLF leaders.

I am making translations of the personal accounts of T-TPLF torture victims and others who have decided to come forward and tell the truth about T-TPLF crimes and atrocities to ensure that my readers, particularly those in the diverse international policy-making communities, have a clear understanding of the type of regime they are supporting by willfully turning a blind eye and deaf ears. I am aiming my translations specifically at the donor and loaner communities who regularly follow my weekly commentaries. I hope the firsthand accounts of torture and abuse committed by the T-TPLF will prick their consciences (I know there is a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening) as they sign over the big fat checks for hundreds of millions of dollars to the T-TPLF bosses year after year. I want to remove any chance of their claiming plausible deniability (But we did not know!) There is an old Ethiopian saying about the man pretending to be asleep. You can push him off the bed and he will still pretend to be asleep. It is the same thing for the donors and loaners who pour billions to prop up T-TPLF rule in Ethiopia.  The damnable hypocrites know beyond a shadow of doubt that the T-TPLF is a gang of ruthless and vicious criminal thugs but they continue to support it as the “government” of Ethiopia.

It is important for those who have suffered under T-TPLF rule to come out, speak up and tell their stories. The silence of the innocent lambs tortured and abused is the greatest weapon in the arsenal of T-TPLF leaders. The T-TPLF victimizes its victims not only by torturing and abusing them but also by traumatizing them in stony silence. If those victims do not muster the courage and strength to testify against the T-TPLF in the court of world opinion, it may be too late for them to testify against them in a court of law. If they do not come forward and tell their stories of torture and abuse, no one else can tell it for them. These victims have gone through T-TPLF hell on earth and survived. What is there to fear for those who have touched the face of (d)evil?

On the other hand, I believe justice is like a delayed train. One may have to wait and wait and wait for the train to arrive. But a delayed train always arrives, always; but it arrives only when it arrives, unscheduled, unexpectedly, unforeseen, unwarned and unpredictably.

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